OMS - Where are you from? How old are you?

504ICYGIRL - I’m 20 years old, I’m from New Orleans Louisiana.

OMS - How long have you been making music? Do you play any instruments?

504ICYGIRL - I really only been recording and writing about 6 months. I use to play the guitar when I was like 10 years old. But I don’t remember anymore, so no, I don’t play any instruments right now. My dad use to rap in the 90s and my grandma is a really good guitarist, lmao, but neither played a role in me pursuing music.



OMS - You've only been writing and recording for 6 months, you’ve only dropped a single, tell us about whats next?

504ICYGIRL - So mainly I’m really trying to perfect my sound and try different things because I literally only have like 13-15 songs recorded. This year I will release a full project, but until I’m fully in love with my sound, I’ll be continuing to work on singles and collaborations with friends. I may release a small ep with my fav producers ;)

OMS - What inspired you to start making music?

504ICYGIRL - Music fits in perfectly with the rest of my interests. I feel like it gives me balance. I’ve always been around music my whole life but never really tried to pursue it at all. When I came to L.A. I wanted to basically find what I enjoy most and focus on that. I had a lot of fun my first time in the studio and I was like fuck yea, I’m gonna do this.” and my bestfriend was like “run it.”



OMS - Why did you move from New Orleans to L.A.?

504ICYGIRL - I came here to get into the cannabis industry and to figure out what I wanna do with me life. I wasn’t doing shit in NOLA but working everyday. Making money and paying bills. I got bored, and when I visited L.A. for the first time I really fell in love with it (like most people). A few weeks after that I flew back and put a deposit down on a crib and shit. Then a few weeks after that, my cat and I got on the plane and made the final move :)

OMS - What’s your cats name?

504ICYGIRL - My cat name is Xanax lol .. I was going thru a phase don’t judge me please


OMS - What are some artists/producers that inspire you?

504ICYGIRL - I’m inspired mostly by artists like Money Man, Gucci, and the m6 homies inspire me lot, day to day, especially with music. My favorite produces right now are everybody in Neilaworld, Brentrambo, Foster and Hurt.

OMS - Where do you want music to take you? What do you want from the art? How do you plan on making an impact? Why are you different?

504ICYGIRL - I want music to open up other doors in my life and get me to meet new people. I want new experiences and also a channel to vent all the emotions I have. I plan on making a huge impact. In 2018 all females went into a hoe phase, lol, I love hoes but right now every female wanna be a city girl and make money from just being pretty or a hoe. That’s cool and all but selling drugs is cooler. Ima put all the bitches on a new wave. Instead of everybody wanting to be thots, everybody is going to wanna trap and start a business like I’m doing. I’m trying to set a new trend/example going into 2019. I’m different because I’m the only female trap artist that is really rapping about the shit I go trough on a day to day basis.

With that being said, 504ICYBABY has a bright future ahead of her.

With 5 SXSW shows coming up as well as a tape dropping on APRIL 15TH titled “Trap Etiquette”.

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