ocean meets finding novyon



OCEAN - Where are you from? How old are you? When did you start making music?
FINDING NOVYON - I'm 26 years old and I'm from Minneapolis, MN. I grew up in Brooklyn Park and graduated from high school over in North Minneapolis. I started making music in 8th grade when one of my best friends, Jordan McArthur, introduced me to home recording and my life hasn't been the same since.
OCEAN - You said that "My life hasn't been the same since." Tell us more about you in 8th grade as well as what evolved from that first day at Jordan's house.
FINDING NOVYON - Well like previously stated, 8th grade (2005) was the year I recorded my first song. Immediately after leaving Jordan's house and going home, I ask my parents like any teenager would, if they would buy me a microphone so I could record music. At the time USB mics were over $100 so my parents pretty much said "Fuck that." Luckily I already had a desktop computer and a pair of headphones from the library. You know! Like the really humongous kind. I ended up figuring out that if I plugged them into the microphone auxiliary port on the back of the computer it enabled me to record. Thus began my first experience with recording and engineering for my myself. From that point on I'd finish all my homework in school so I could just go home and have the rest of my day to play around and record things. Of course the quality wasn't the best but that's how I self taught myself how to really mix and master. By the time I was a senior in high school my parents had bought me a microphone and Pro Tools and from that got even better at self engineering. 


OCEAN -  Was it always just you and Jordan?
FINDING NOVYON - Through those years, Jordan and I and a few other friends played around with the idea of having our own record label. Ironically it was the same name as the clothing line Jordan owns now, called "Innagrove". As we grew older Jordan focused on other things and left the music to me. I would later form a clique of my own with a few friends I went to high school with and my best friends since age 5, Troy Bowman. The label (if you will) was called Forever Famous Music Group. It was me, the lead artist, 3 other friends who were producers, and Troy, who served as my manager. This began my senior year (2010) and all the way until I actually became Finding Novyon (2012). In that time period is when I met Allan Kingdom. He was actually in Forever Famous for a while until he decided to branch off in 2013-2014 to do his own thing which lead to him meeting Corbin (Spooky Black) and the rest of thestan4rd. The following years is what led me to here. 
OCEAN - Why Finding Novyon?
FINDING NOVYON - I chose Finding Novyon seeing that Novyon is my government name and when I was 20 I went through this break-up and my ex said "Do yourself a favor and find yourself" thus birthing Finding Novyon. I feel like the name fits so much now as my music takes many forms. I don't just do one style of music. It's versatile. It's one way and then it's another. Almost like you're trying to find something. 


OCEAN - Ok, so going beyond the name change and Jordan focusing on other things, what happened next? Is Forever Famous still a label? 
FINDING NOVYON - Forever Famous isn't a thing anymore. It pretty much ended in 2014, because me and the producers of FFMG kind of grew apart and needed distance from each other. That's when I met Devon Reason and Travis Gorman. Later that year we formed "The Rotation", a hip hop collective comprised of myself, Dwynell Rolan, Devon, and Travis being our producer and DJ. We're still a collective but the objective of the group was to first build our solo careers, then all come together for an album, etc, when our buzz is at its highest. So far, it's working. I moved to LA and my next album is being distributed by Empire. But all in all I'm still independent all the way. I've been thinking of starting my own label and having my own artists and such, and centering it around my love for anime. I'd probably call it Anime Klub.
OCEAN - Whats your favorite and least favorite anime? 
FINDING NOVYON - My favorite anime of all time is The Dragon Ball series. Typically enough. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is up there on my list of favs too. My least favorite would be One Piece. I'm not a fan of the art.


OCEAN - What are some artists that have influenced you?
FINDING NOVYON - Through the years, artists like Kid Cudi, The Cool Kids, Drake, The XX, Daft Punk, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Odd Future, Amy Winehouse, Aaliyah but currently I really only like a few songs and albums. "Damn" by Kendrick and "More Life" from Drake are always on in the background. It's like I can't escape those projects. Also "Super Slimey" from Future and Thug is an okay album. I'm late on it, but I like a few songs off Blonde by Frank Ocean too. Underground wise, I've been listening to Rico Nasty for a min. She's really dope, and see her come up is inspiring. But mostly I've been listening to all my new material, truthfully. I'm guilty of being a fan of my music. Especially my unreleased stuff. 
OCEAN - One last question: What do you hope to accomplish with music?
FINDING NOVYON - I've already accomplished a handful of goals I've had since I was very young but my list of goals could go on forever. To keep it simple, all I hope to accomplish with my music is to inspire people who listen to my music. My craft for me is therapy more than anything and the fact that I can relate to so many fans and listeners is a blessing. If I can continue to inspire anyone to get off their ass and make their dreams come true, no matter what they may be, I'd feel more than accomplished. 


Final Thoughts - We had an amazing conversation with Finding Novyon. He is currently working on an album that will drop in the spring/summer of 2018 as well as a possible tour and shows outside of the United States. Having just dropped a single titled "Whats Best" and gearing up to release a music video, we are excited to see how Finding Novyon's path evolves his ever changing sounds. If you have not listened to Finding Novyon, we suggest you do. Much love and good vibes sent to everyone who read this and a big thank you to Finding Novyon for his patience and time <3
Here are links to several of his channels.


TWITTER - http://bit.ly/2EQ0R3D

SOUNDCLOUD - http://bit.ly/2icpjMI

INSTAGRAM - http://bit.ly/2F4xrht

SPOTIFY -http://bit.ly/2GDxQ7J

ANIME KLUB - http://bit.ly/2om67BW