by William Jungbauer III

OCEAN -  Who are you? How Old are you? Where are you from?
NOTHING - My name is Zack, I'm 24, and I'm from a real shitty town in Michigan called Howell. It's your typical farm town about an hour away from anything interesting.
OCEAN - Coming from a small town, and being a street wear brand, how has that affected you in terms of sales as well as support? I can't imagine the farmers rocking a shoulder bag.
NOTHING - I get decent support which kind of surprised me! A lot of people I wouldn't have expected have purchased pieces. But a majority of my support comes from other areas in Michigan, and spreads throughout the US. Recently I've been getting a lot of customers from Toronto, and that is cool as hell to me.


OCEAN - What are some of your favorite brands?
NOTHING - The brands that influence me the most are Foul Play, Stray Rats, Clean, and Pleasures. Pleasures is my favorite right now.
OCEAN - When did you start your brand? Did you always want to make clothes?
NOTHING - I've wanted to make clothes for quite a few years now, just never had the resources or connections to do it until recently. I started creating in the fall of 2016 with a project called Terminal. It was a project I launched to test the waters to see if I was going to actually be able to sell anything. Then I launched "NOTH{IN}G" in January of 2017.
OCEAN - What influenced you to start a clothing brand?
NOTHING - Los Angeles

OCEAN - LOL, tell us more about L.A! 
NOTHING - A lot of people hate the place, but it inspired me. Flying in over the valley was unreal. As corny as it sounds, hitting up the Fairfax, Melrose, and North Hollywood areas was dreamlike. Just a ton of small things as simple as visiting spots like 424, Supreme, Known Gallery, Babylon, etc, was mad inspiring. I then went to CJ Fly's album release party. Shit was wild. It's really a different world out there and the thought of trying to get back out there is what really keeps me going. 
OCEAN - So will we see a NOTH{IN}G brick and mortar in L.A. one day?
NOTHING - Yes. Ultimately I want my brand based in LA. Realistically I just want to keep growing to the point where I can do this and not have to work a job. I want a small office/warehouse by next year along with releasing a few smaller collections this year.


OCEAN - In our conversations, you mentioned that you are a photographer. Is that a path you plan on pursing as well?
NOTHING - I went to school for photography for a while but it's not something I plan on pursuing as a career even though I do enjoy it. I'd rather keep doing it on the side for fun. Capturing my life style type of shit. I've gotten real lazy with it but I do have a website for my most recent work last year called, http://www.s0ap.us/
OCEAN - Ok last few questions. Why should people buy your brand?
NOTHING - I focus on quality. Each and every piece is folded, tagged, and packaged by me.
OCEAN - What makes NOTH{IN}G different? 
NOTHING - What makes NOTH{IN}G different? Man, I'd like to say the darker, more nihilistic approach that I try to take with my artwork. There are definitely some brands out there doing it, but not a lot. 

Humble, genuine, and a creative, Zack is on the path to take over with his brand NOTH{IN}G. We are excited to watch him as he grows from a small town brand to a store in LA , and we have no doubt that he will accomplish just that. 





WEBSITE - https://nothingusa.com/