I always dig lofi. If its done right. The first track “The Masks We Wear” starts with a lofi intro and maintains the lofi value, even with the vocals, to the point that I couldn't really distinguish words. Second track “Lost In Time” is groovy and on its own wavelength in terms of sound. I wouldn't know how to describe it, but its awesome. It switches vibes half way through to a boom bap type style.The third track “Hair” we are introduced to the auto tune Solinox. And I really dig it. The song is the most sonically sound and cohesive besides “Touch the Ground” which is an instrumental track that will blow you away. Amazing production and lyrics but I felt that the mixes weren’t that good. and yes I know yall will say “well Ocean, its a lofi tape.” and I get that, but I felt that it could have been executed better. I see the potential in Solinox and I really wanted to give a FLOAT rating, but in terms of replay value, I cant, so I give a SINK. But don't just listen to me, make your own opinions and check out Solinox now!



The hook “Crying on the bathroom floor, I got pills in my hands, I cant take no more, whyd you have to take so long, wont you come right here in between my arms?” accompanied by a melodic acoustic sample from Discent creates a peep like vibe and I really dig until Yung Pedro comes in around the 1:33 mark. Don't get me wrong, Yung Pedro has a cool voice and vibes on the track, I just think the song was complete enough without the feature. I give this track a Swim as it was mixed well and I don't think the feature is bad at all as opposed to the track being constructed odd.



“I woke up with raps all in my heart, the pain I write it down…”

Bars. Bars. Bars. Like holy fuck, where has CLNY been my whole life. The whole album from start to finish maintains a pro standard. “My home been broken, my heart been broken.”, from the song called “Wishes”, describes the whole tape perfect. Every line and every hook is placed and presented in a way that by the time you finish this tape, you will feel like you know CLNY. The mixing and production is superb as well as the features from J. Love and GOD K.E. If I had to pick one track, id say I couldn’t. The WHOLE tape is raw and I give it a big fat “SWIM”, maybe even the BIGGEST SWIM YET. Check it out now.